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Water for Food | Sponsor Highlight

Updated: Feb 1

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska works to address global challenges in water and food security by advancing research, policy, and technological innovations in agricultural and food systems. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute is a Statewide Sponsor of The Combine Incubator, an Ag Tech startup program.

Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute was founded in 2010 when the Robert B. Daugherty Foundation selected the University of Nebraska to host the institute. The foundation chose the University of Nebraska to leverage its expertise and strong state, national, and international partnerships. Nebraska is fortunate to have one of the most progressive and prosperous agricultural industries in the world thanks to our natural resources, the hard work of our farmers, and research conducted by the university.

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute focuses its research and policy efforts on five areas: closing water and agricultural productivity gaps, improving groundwater management for agricultural production, enhancing high-productivity irrigated agriculture, supporting freshwater and agricultural ecosystems, and public health, and managing agricultural drought. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute works collaboratively across a wide range of disciplines to create innovative solutions that will increase water and agricultural productivity.

Not only is research important to Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, but they offer a wide variety of educational programs available. Their program focuses specifically on preparing future leaders in water for food and engaging with the public. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute's educational strategy offers a variety of delivery methods to suit your needs, including, academic teaching, extension, web-based delivery, seminars, on-demand as well as custom workshops, field studies, special events, and community outreach.

The institute's impact is achieved through the work of more than 100 faculty members, global fellows, postdoctoral researchers, and students. However, their reach does not stop there. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute collaborates with other universities, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and governmental agencies around the world to address issues focused on increasing water and agricultural productivity around the world.

Through their research, policy, and educational efforts, the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute is enhancing knowledge, developing effective techniques, and fostering a future for leaders to sustainably manage water and increase agricultural productivity.


What is The Combine?

Invest Nebraska’s Combine Incubator is a statewide initiative focused on supporting high-growth agri-food entrepreneurs through mentoring, commercialization support, physical incubation space on Nebraska's Innovation Campus, and a network of supporting farmers and ranchers across the state. Invest Nebraska is a private, non-profit statewide venture development organization focused on high-growth companies in Nebraska and growing the state’s entrepreneurial economy. Invest Nebraska works directly with entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies to help commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital.

Thank You To All of The Combine's Generous Sponsors:


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