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From initial goal setting and idea assessment to preparation for a capital raise, The Combine Program is designed to assist entrepreneurs on an individual basis. The Combine Curriculum is a series of modules that provide early-stage companies in food and agriculture the resources and fundamentals needed in the early stages of building a start-up business. 


Modules are to be completed one at a time and in order. Invest Nebraska staff leads each module directly with the founder/management team.

Goal Setting & Roadmap


The founding team begins to clarify the identified problem and initial proposed solution. Resources are provided on partnerships available through federal, state and community partners. Program meeting times and expectations are set.  

Business Model 


Initial customer segment and value propositions are clearly defined. First version of assumption map is created and first mentor match up is assigned. 'Lean startup' education session. 

Customer Interviews

Founding team completes the 'talking to users' education session and begins customer discovery interviews. Stakeholder mapping is completed and the agreed upon number of interviews is set. 
customer interviews.jpg
mvp design.jpg

MVP Design

Initial design sprint planned for minimal viable product/experiment. 'Things that Don't Scale' educational session. 
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User Feedback & Tests

Key takeaways from design sprint mapped into canvas and assumption map is updated. 'Design Thinking' and 'Early Validation' education sessions. 
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KPI's & Operations

'Defining your Metrics' and 'Operation Basics' education sessions. Proforma financials updated. Additional industry mentor assigned. 
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07 strip.png

Legal & Accounting Basics

Relevant mentor match with supporting sponsors. 'Intellectual Property' and 'Financial Fundamentals' education sessions. 
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final 8 strip.png



'Term Sheet Basics' educational session. Company data room and pitch deck updated. 
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