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Sentinel Fertigation Announces Seed Funding from Invest Nebraska & Aligned Investors

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Nebraska-based agricultural technology startup announces a $1,200,000 seed fund round for the advancement of their fertigation platform.

Sentinel Fertigation, a technology company that has developed a platform to quantify nitrogen status in crops to anticipate fertigation needs, announces the close of an initial seed fund. The fundraising round includes investors from Invest Nebraska, Burlington Capital Ag-Venture, Nebraska Angels, Proven Ventures, and several angel investors across the nation.

The funding will be utilized to complete software development, execute initial imagery contracts, and forge partnerships that will significantly enhance the N-Time software features. The funds will also be used to build an outstanding team of implementation specialists and software engineers and increase the crop and geography coverage of Sentinel Fertigation.

Sentinel Fertigation was founded by CEO Jackson Stansell. Stansell came to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to pursue a master’s in agricultural engineering and help contribute solutions to the nitrogen management challenges producers face. Through his master’s work, he optimized a framework for using imagery of the crop canopy to time fertigation applications. He developed software to facilitate framework execution, ultimately making it accessible to growers and their trusted advisors to improve their bottom line and reduce their environmental impact. This software and management framework is now N-Time™ FMS, the fertigation management web application platform offered by Sentinel Fertigation.

“Jackson Stansell leading Sentinel Fertigation is a perfect example of Nebraska entrepreneurs developing solutions that help farmers across the Midwest. The market is prime for a solution like this right now and we're bullish on what Jackson can accomplish and learn this growing season,”

- stated Nebraska Angel’s Executive Director, Stephanie Luebbe.

Sentinel Fertigation will be working with farmers across the Midwest in a paid pilot program this summer.

Stansell states, “Sentinel Fertigation provides a win-win solution that ultimately allows farmers to increase their yield per unit of applied nitrogen and enhance their environmental sustainability. I am grateful for each of our investors and their support in our efforts to bring N-Time™ FMS to farmers and their trusted advisors. Our paid pilot program this summer is the first step to our system making a significant impact at scale. I am excited about the team we have begun assembling and working with them to make Sentinel the leader in fertigation management.”


About Sentinel Fertigation

Sentinel Fertigation is an agricultural technology company that is leveraging multispectral imagery to anticipate crop nitrogen needs and provide proactive fertigation recommendations to farmers and their trusted advisors. Sentinel’s N-Time™ FMS is a web-based software built for fertigation management. It provides reliable, data-driven fertigation recommendations to advisors and farmers and enhances the efficiency with which they manage fertigation operations. Ultimately, Sentinel Fertigation’s advancements will simplify fertigation management for farm operations while improving their bottom line and reducing their environmental impact.


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