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June Newsletter | The Combine Monthly Newsletter

Combine Insights Network

Breakthroughs in agriculture take numerous kinds of people: a determined entrepreneur, a generous support system, industry experts, and more. The Combine Insights Network connects the ambitious entrepreneurs and industry experts. We created a group of farmers and ranchers across Nebraska who provide feedback to businesses forming in the ag industry. Businesses receive invaluable streamlined feedback and producers gain the opportunity to test out early-stage technology. Producers, if you are interested in helping create breakthroughs in ag, apply to be an insights network member today:


Check out these features of Combine Incubator Companies:


Combine Sponsor Highlight:

The Combine will highlight one Combine Sponsor each month! This month's highlight is the Nebraska Innovation Campus.

Learn About the Nebraska Innovation Campus

Startup-In-Residence Company Highlight:

The company highlight of the month is FarmAfield. FarmAfield created the first simple, low-cost agriculture investment platform.

Read More About FarmAfield


What We're Reading

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