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July Newsletter | Combine Monthly Newsletter

Combine Company Updates


Virtual Event: Accounting Basics - Quickbooks & Entity Tax Information

Join a discussion about the basics in setting up QuickBooks and the tax implications in selecting an entity type and the effect on the founder’s personal taxes. The Combine and Lutz are joining together to create this free resource for startups. Register Here.


OnRamp Agriculture Conference Recap

The second annual OnRamp Agriculture Conference was a captivating conference about agriculture innovation. With speakers from leading organizations such as Syngenta, Land O'Lakes, Bayer, and many more, conference attendees received insight on current innovations in the agricultural industry and those to come. Read more about the conference by clicking here.


Incubator Company Highlight:

The Combine Company Highlight of the month is AgWater. AgWater is a game-changing technology to streamline livestock waste processing by harvesting key nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. About AgWater

Combine Sponsor Highlight:

The first Combine Sponsor Highlight of the month is Husch Blackwell. Husch Blackwell is a leading legal firm across the United States. About Husch Blackwell

Combine Sponsor Highlight: The second Combine Sponsor Highlight of the month is Invest Nebraska. Invest Nebraska is a Founding Sponsor of The Combine.


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