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Ag Water | Combine Company Highlight

The Combine has numerous companies working through the AgTech Incubator Programming and is individually showcasing each company. The next company we are highlighting is AgWater.

AgWater is a game-changing technology to streamline livestock waste processing by harvesting key nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Manure management and processing methods have significant implications for farm productivity and environmental compliance. Livestock producers, especially swine producers, are challenged to meet constantly evolving regulatory environments and maximize the value-added opportunities from fertilizer utilization. Consequently, there is a critical need to develop systems that enable CAFOs to improve their livestock waste management/processing and, at the same time, accurately capture value-added byproducts that result in more efficient and sustainable agricultural production practices across the industry.

AgWater’s proposed waste processing and treatment technology adapt proven technologies from the oil and gas industry to create revolutionary and efficient livestock waste treatment methods that utilize numerous stages of mechanical, coagulation, and flocculation for solid and liquid separations in conjunction with highly specialized ozone application to control harmful biologicals. Effluents captured include valuable nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as near-potable water for use in other Ag-related processes. Our modular design facilitates a cost-effective and easy-to-implement model that is critical to widespread producer adoption.

Bringing Oil & Gas Technology to Agriculture

​Livestock waste processing has unique considerations that have made current water purification systems difficult to operate at scale while also missing out on potential value-added nutrient harvesting. AgWater has proven the commercial feasibility of applying technology currently being used in the oil and natural gas fields to agriculture water purification. We are targetting the animal livestock industry with a specific focus on anaerobic lagoons.

  • Improving Ag Sustainability

    • Upgraded Technology for Ag Waste Recovery / Treatment

  • Harvesting Nutrients

    • Proven Capability to Harvest Nutrients & Remove Contaminants from Manure,

    • Delivering Ecologically Clean Effluent

  • Previous Experience

    • Team Has Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment Experience.

Founder Stories:

John Havener, C.E.O.

John is a core technologist with extensive experience in the oilfield services, energy, and technology industries by managing and commercializing 50+ technologies and patents. While the President of an oilfield water processing company, he adapted and expanded those unique technologies for the agriculture industry.

Jim Havener, C.O.O.

Jim brings a breadth of experience in manufacturing, support services & marketing at 3M, as well as with startups in semiconductors, equipment, and high-tech software worldwide. Jim brings the operational structure and fiscal responsibility needed to bring a startup company from the idea stage into full-on production.

Experience in The Combine:

The Combine has been invaluable to AgWater as we build our business into the Ag growth company we envision. It is so much more than an office facility, company location, and basic services. They facilitated connections with a myriad of resources in The University of Nebraska, The State of Nebraska, and the Nebraska agriculture industry. Matt has always been an excellent sounding board for our plans and documents, giving us suggestions and advice that would be very expensive if we had to purchase it. We encourage all Ag startups to take advantage of the Combine resource.

- Jim Havener, AgWater C.O.O.

The Combine Incubator is excited about AgWater's product development. If you'd like to learn more, visit AgWater's website:


What is The Combine?

Invest Nebraska’s Combine Incubator is a statewide initiative focused on supporting high-growth agri-food entrepreneurs through mentoring, commercialization support, physical incubation space on Nebraska's Innovation Campus, and a network of supporting farmers and ranchers across the state. Invest Nebraska is a private, non-profit statewide venture development organization focused on high-growth companies in Nebraska and growing the state’s entrepreneurial economy. Invest Nebraska works directly with entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies to help commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital.


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