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Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources | Sponsor of the Month

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) focuses on food and water, and the natural resources that sustain them. IANR is a Statewide Sponsor of The Combine Incubator, an AgTech startup program.

IANR was created by the Nebraska Legislature in 1973 through the enactment of LB149. This legislation culminated in more than ten years of discussion by state leaders, University officials, and agriculture interests in Nebraska who were concerned that agriculture was not being given proper financial support, administrative access, and prominence within the University—especially considering the unquestioned importance and contributions of agriculture and natural resources to the state’s economy and success.

IANR is composed of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR), the Agricultural Research Division (ARD), Nebraska Extension, and the ARD and Extension components of three departments in the College of Education and Human Sciences. IANR innovation in research, teaching, and extension education places Nebraska on the leading edge of food production, environmental stewardship, human nutrition, business development, and youth engagement.

By embracing the ever-changing world, IANR is able to find opportunities for growth in places that others find challenging. With an environment that promotes collaboration among innovative University students and faculty, as well as with external professionals, the institute is steadily strengthening Nebraska’s competitive edge.

Currently, IANR staff also offers a variety of workshops and educational programs for not only students but agricultural producers too. These workshops include Ag finance courses, pesticide training, and livestock production. They also routinely recognize faculty and staff with achievement awards to foster participation, enthusiasm, and continued devotion to the institute’s mission.

While IANR makes a huge impact within the state of Nebraska, they also have dedicated outreach programs that extend around the world. Through international partnerships, IANR is actively involved in research and teaching in over 120 countries, including Brazil, China, Rwanda, and Africa. By unlocking additional resources, The Combine AgriFood Incubator is very grateful IANR is helping The Combine grow AgTech in Nebraska.

As stated by Program Director of The Combine, Matt Foley, “IANR brings the high-level of expertise… it’s a huge calling card for us.” As The Combine expands the impact to more startups, we are very appreciative of IANR's sponsorship and support. Thanks to this collaborative effort, Nebraska’s communities have a brighter future.


What is The Combine?

Invest Nebraska’s Combine Incubator is a statewide initiative focused on supporting high-growth agri-food entrepreneurs through mentoring, commercialization support, physical incubation space on Nebraska's Innovation Campus, and a network of supporting farmers and ranchers across the state. Invest Nebraska is a private, non-profit statewide venture development organization focused on high-growth companies in Nebraska and growing the state’s entrepreneurial economy. Invest Nebraska works directly with entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies to help commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital.

Thank You To All of The Combine's Generous Sponsors:


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