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Corral | Incubator Resident Highlight

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Corral is a system of cattle wearables that are proven to be safe and effective. Cow-calf operations that utilize Coral can cross-fence virtually any pasture. This will drastically reduce fencing costs as well as the number of rented acres. Corral is an Incubator Resident at The Combine Incubator, an AgTech startup program.

Corral, a startup developing livestock grazing technology, was a grand prize winner at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Business Pitch Event, the New Venture Competition. Over fifty teams competed in the New Venture Competition that was held virtually on April 12-13, 2021. Four finalists walked away with an investment, but Corral Technologies took home the grand prize of $25,000.

This investment was a major milestone for Corral on its mission to assist ranchers in moving cattle remotely, increasing pasture utilization and virtual fencing. These funds assisted Corral in applying for the Nebraska Innovation Fund Prototype Grant. This is a grant by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to assist companies in developing models to accurately test their products.

Founder, Jack Keating, saw the opportunity to start Corral Technologies after realizing the amount of time and labor it requires to effectively rotationally graze cattle on his family’s ranch in Atkinson, Nebraska. Current cattle producer decisions on stocking and carrying capacity are based on limited financial knowledge which is often constrained by the labor needed to move and re-adjust physical fencing in the pasture. Corral is exploring how improved pasture management through software can lead to improved animal health while reducing manual labor.

Corral is currently searching for ranchers to participate in their pilot program and has built partnerships with several cattle operations across the Midwest. To learn more about Corral Technologies, click here



What is The Combine?

Invest Nebraska's Combine Incubator is a statewide initiative focused on supporting high-growth agri-food entrepreneurs through mentoring, commercialization support, physical incubation space on Nebraska's Innovation Campus, and a network of helping farmers and ranchers across the state. Invest Nebraska is a private, non-profit statewide venture development organization focused on high-growth companies in Nebraska and growing the state's entrepreneurial economy. Invest Nebraska works directly with entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies to help commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital.

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