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TreadSure looks to help improve agricultural equipment values by bringing accessibility to tire data

The Nebraska-based startup, TreadSure, looks to help improve agricultural equipment values by bringing accessibility to tire data.

As one of the highest cost wear components on a piece of heavy equipment, tires present a unique challenge when assigning a value to used machinery. Due to the overwhelming amount of tire or track options available in the market, it’s difficult to judge the tread life remaining from one machine to the next. And when talking about agricultural tires misjudgments could cost thousands, drastically impacting the overall value of the piece of equipment. Without a sustainable solution in the marketplace, this issue has continued to be a challenge for the used equipment industry.

More than a year ago, TreadSure, a startup based out of Gothenburg, Nebraska, released the first version of its mobile app to help solve this problem. After a year of feedback, app improvements, and hundreds of tread gauges later, TreadSure is looking to grow to new heights in the agricultural equipment industry.

“I’m excited to see how TreadSure’s growth and core mission of providing accessible tire information can benefit dealers, manufacturers, and ultimately the producers across North America,” says Preston Parmley, Product & Sales Manager.

By consolidating more than a dozen of the most popular manufacturers' data books, the application connects users with a robust database of tire specs. However, TreadSure takes this one step further by putting this data into valuable information allowing anyone with a tread gauge and smartphone to determine the percent life remaining of an ag tire in a matter of seconds. Looking forward, TreadSure is committed to continuing to offer this accessibility to tire data for all agricultural organizations and producers when buying, selling, or monitoring their equipment. This accessibility will continue to improve used equipment valuations and help people make better decisions with their current or future equipment investments.

In 2022, TreadSure plans to release new premium features that will offer additional value to organizations interested in improving their equipment valuation process by further enhancing the transparency of tire information.

“Expanding TreadSure’s features will help us further simplify the app workflow and bring a new level of transparency to dealership inventory and online equipment listings. These improvements will make it even easier for users to integrate into their current machine evaluation and listing processes.” says Preston.

TreadSure plans to roll out these new features with version 2.0, which will be available to users by the end of Q3 2022.


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