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Nave Analytics Announces Pre-Seed Funding from Invest Nebraska Corporation & Aligned Investors

Nebraska-based irrigation efficiency technology startup announces a $400,000 pre-seed fund round to advance its irrigation analytics platform.

Nave Analytics, a technology company that has developed a sensor-free irrigation decision support tool, announces the close of a pre-seed fund. The fundraising round includes investors from Invest Nebraska, Husker Venture Fund, Nelnet, and Nebraska Angels Capital Group.

Nave will utilize the funding to complete software development projects, fund R&D efforts, support the first year of commercial operations in the USA, and expand into new geographies


Nave Analytics was founded by Jessi Korinek, Val Kovalsky, and Bradley Griggs. The team built easy-to-use, scalable, and sensor-free global soil moisture products to provide affordable

and accurate data feeds to improve daily irrigation decisions. After being in the irrigation space for over ten years, the group saw the need to build scalable solutions for efficient and effective irrigation decision-making. The CEO, Korinek, has a background in Agronomy and has spent most of her career working with farmers in Nebraska on research protocols and product development. Kovalsky, the CTO, has a PhD in Geospatial Sciences, has led many research initiatives from academia to the private sector, and has filed several patents. Griggs, the COO, has developed and maintained water sustainability tools globally and has managed R&D portfolios in the agricultural sector. All these experiences combined allow them to develop an irrigation tool that is farmer-minded from inception and will drive water savings without impacting practice or productivity.

Korinek states, “Nave Analytics is seeing a ton of momentum after having the founders working full-time building the company. We are so grateful to our investors for their early belief in our vision for Nave Analytics to bring an innovative approach to water management. By building a complete picture of the water balance down to the pixel level, meeting farmers where they are at with technology adoption, and filling the data gaps when sensors don’t make sense, we can drive more efficient water use in agricultural irrigation. This funding allows us to build early traction, pursue global opportunities, and set ourselves up for future funding.”

“We’re super excited to continue supporting and partnering with Nave on this funding round. Nave is a perfect example of an experienced entrepreneur with significant domain expertise coming straight from the front lines of the ag industry, who saw a gap from a real problem not being addressed and then used innovative technology to solve it. In addition, it doesn’t hurt that they’re building a new-age precision irrigation company in the mechanized irrigation capital of the world,” stated Invest Nebraska’s Principal and General Counsel, Ben Williamson.

Nave Analytics is gearing up for its first growing season, providing an irrigation decision support tool to farmers and agronomists across the US, beta-testing their pre-season planting decision support tool, and expanding globally.


About Nave Analytics

Nave Analytics is not just a software or data-as-a-service company. Nave is a solution provider, helping farmers, agronomists, and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector make more informed irrigation decisions. Its platform integrates satellite, weather, and telemetry data with crop and hydrology modeling, producing 3-D maps of soil water content and other crucial data. By eliminating the need for additional sensors in the field, Nave makes irrigation management more efficient and cost-effective, ultimately contributing to sustainable water use in agriculture. To learn more, visit


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