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Idem Irrigation Announces Seed Funding to Revolutionize Center-Pivot Sprinkler Head Technology

Western Nebraska-based irrigation startup announces a $500,000 seed funding round to advance their innovative center-pivot sprinkler head.

Idem Irrigation, a pioneering center-pivot irrigation company, proudly announces the successful completion of a $500,000 seed funding round. This investment will propel the development and deployment of their groundbreaking patent-pending pivot sprinkler head technology, aimed at helping crop producers optimize water usage and enhance agricultural yields. The seed funding includes support from prominent investors such as Invest Nebraska Corporation, Nebraska Angels Capital Group, Robert Kelley, Steve Renard, and Al Davis.

The funds raised will be strategically allocated towards expanding Idem Irrigation's growing team, streamlining the manufacturing process, bolstering product inventory, and advancing ongoing research and development efforts. With a strong focus on sales and marketing expansion, the company aims to assemble a talented and dedicated team to drive its mission forward.

Located in Gering, Nebraska, Idem Irrigation was founded by visionary entrepreneurs Phillip Holliday, Jared Ross, and Justin Reinmuth, who collectively bring a wealth of experience in startups, agriculture, and research. The company is committed to empowering growers by reducing water, herbicide, and pesticide usage while simultaneously safeguarding the environment and addressing global food security challenges. Each year, millions of gallons of water are lost due to wind and drift, making precision water, fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide application increasingly critical. Idem Irrigation's cutting-edge technology eliminates drift, ensures uniform mixing for each spraying head, and significantly reduces nitrogen overuse. Moreover, their innovative sprinkler head technology enables farmers to save up to 90% in application costs.

“We’re super excited to support a team of serial entrepreneurs who deeply understand agriculture and who have invented innovative solutions for the water and mechanized irrigation industry,” stated Ben Williamson, Principal at Invest Nebraska Corporation.

Looking ahead, Idem Irrigation is poised for rapid growth and aims to establish itself as a leader in revolutionizing center-pivot irrigation.

Phillip Holliday, Chief Executive Officer, states, "Early testing and customer impressions have been extremely positive, thus confirming beliefs that our IDEM "Ball" spray head technology will bring new and existing spray irrigation systems to the modern era. Our funding partners allow us to accelerate our reach into the center pivot and linear irrigation system market.

For more information about Idem Irrigation and its transformative center-pivot sprinkler head technology, please visit


About Idem Irrigation

Through the highly innovative and patent pending pivot “Ball” sprinkler head technology, we provide affordable sprinkler head upgrades for growers utilizing pivot or linear irrigation systems. The outcomes help our growers reduce water/herbicide/pesticide usage, protect the planet, and feed the world responsibly. IDEM Irrigation spray heads easily adapt to your existing center pivot or linear irrigation system and offer increases in yields up to 7.92%. Take your sprinkler system into the modern era of irrigation with IDEM spray heads!

About The Combine

The Combine is a statewide initiative supporting high-growth entrepreneurs in food and agriculture. The program consists of commercialization support through mentorship and a capital readiness program, networking events, a network of partnering producers across the state, as well as incubation space on the Nebraska Innovation Campus. The Combine is operated by Invest Nebraska. Invest Nebraska is a private, non-profit statewide venture development organization focused on high-growth companies in Nebraska and growing the state’s entrepreneurial economy. Invest Nebraska works directly with entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies to help commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital.


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