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EZ Grazer | Incubator Resident

EZ Grazer Incubator Resident

Sometimes grazing isn't always an option for horses that don't constantly have access to a pasture, making slow-feeding hay the next best option to keep them happy and healthy. EZ Grazer is developing a unique slow-feeder that brings a more natural feeding solution that we haven't seen before. The feeder stimulates the natural grazing behavior essential to a horse's health and well-being. EZ Grazer is an Incubator Resident at The Combine Incubator, an AgTech Startup Program.

The EZ Grazer system offers a systems approach to feeding horses that can adapt to your needs. Their products will fit all bale types from a small square to a large round and can fit your travel needs or in a horse lot. The EZ-Grazer has many benefits, including health, safety, and efficiency.

EZ Grazer Improves Horses' Health

Colic in horses can be caused by overeating or eating too quickly. With a slow-feeding hay system, their system can help promote better digestion and reduce the risk of digestion problems like colic. They do this by limiting the amount of hay a horse can consume at once, encouraging horses to eat slower and continuously throughout the day, which stimulates their natural grazing behavior.

Improves Safety

Slow-feeding hay systems, like the EZ-Grazer, reduce the risk of injury in a number of areas. First, the smaller openings in slow feeders require horses to take smaller bites, which reduces the risk of choking and respiratory problems. Second, EZ Grazer Systems are designed without sharp corners and hoof-catch points that can be a danger to horses with other feeding systems. Additionally, EZ Grazer Systems can reduce the amount of hay waste and prevent horses from trampling or soiling their hay.

Improves Efficiency

By providing a continuous, slow supply of hay, horses can be kept satisfied for longer periods between meals, reducing the need for frequent feedings. This not only helps you save time and labor but also helps save you money as the amount of hay required for your horses is reduced. In addition, EZ Grazer feeders designed for outside use will have an option for covering to minimize rain and snow exposure to the hay.

Slow-feeding hay - the next best thing to pasture grazing. The EZ Grazer ensures that your horse stays healthy and content while stimulating natural grazing behavior. The EZ Grazer will help you save time, effort, and money, but most importantly, make sure your horses live a healthy and happy life.


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