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Respiratory virus is a common issue in cattle, and a common cause is herpesvirus. Thyreos develops herpesvirus vaccines and vaccine vectors for the animal health and human health markets. Thyreos vaccines are based on the R2 recombinant herpesvirus platform that elicits robust immune responses and protects animals from life-long infections.

AgWater Harvester

Livestock waste processing has unique considerations that has made current water purifications systems difficult to operate at-scale while also missing out on potential value-added nutrient harvesting. Ag Water Harvester is currently researching the commercial feasibility of applying some technology currently being used in the oil and natural gas fields to agriculture water purification. They hope to target the animal livestock industry with specific focus on the anaerobic lagoons.


Traditional institutional investment opportunities in agriculture have been limited with low transparency in deployment schedules and complex tax advantages. These can result in missed opportunities in new developments in agriculture such as solar and regenerative agriculture. FarmAfield is an online marketplace streamlining capital deployments in the ag sector. The marketplace allows for the purchase of real agricultural assets and complimentary risk management strategies.

Birds Eye Robotics

The $405B poultry market needs labor solutions for the over 300,000 barns worldwide. Many of the jobs associated with the industry are tedious and unappealing. Dynamic Motion aims to solve the labor issue in the poultry industry through robotic automation. The specific problem the team is focused on is the autonomous retrieval of mortality within barns.


With increasing turnover in ag machinery and equipment there is a strong need for improved pricing accuracy. The employees of the hundreds of ag equipment dealer across the country still rely on paper catalogs for comparable tire information. Dawson is a traditional agriculture tire and wheel sales and distribution business. The business recognizes an opportunity to create a stand-alone solution that brings current disparate data sources in user manuals and field sales representatives' information to improve the resale process of agriculture tires.


Current cattle producer decisions on stocking and carrying capacity are based on limited financial knowledge which is often constrained by the labor needed to move and re-adjust physical fencing in the pasture. Corral is interested in learning how operations manage their pasture. The company is interested in exploring how improved pasture management through software could lead to improved animal health while reducing manual labor.

Platform Cattle

The markets for top performing genetics of seed stock producers have historically been geographically confined due to the physical proximity to bull sales. This can lead to pricing disparity across the industry. Platform Cattle aims to develop a software platform helping seed stock producers find customers who desire their genetics and conditioning practices. After customer interviews the company is compiling initial industry data via ecommerce sales of supplements.

Grain Weevil

Each year preventable on-farm deaths occur when farmers climb inside grain bins. Proper grain bin management can lead to less spoilage and a higher margins for grain farmers. The Grain Weevil team is exploring how robotics can improve both grain bin management as well as safety protocol for those involved in grain bin storage. The Grain Weevil is a patent pending grain extraction robot that scurries across the top of the grain engaging the grain directly with its drive system and a variety of adaptable tools to safety and efficiently aid in the extraction of grain from the grain bin.


Rural ag land appraisals entail a time-consuming process managing PDF’s, spreadsheets, and state documents. The end results often does not include the most relevant comparable sales. Terrace Ag is an end-to-end software solution for farmland valuations. The platform enables ag land appraisals or evaluations to be performed 40% faster through data, integration and automation. The company allows farm managers and rural land appraisers to access sales database, GIS mapping, comparable sales, and report writing all in one platform.


As more and more on-farm variables and data points are collected digitally producers are looking to make actionable decisions to optimize input application, leading to significant water, fertilizer, energy and labor savings. CropX is an ag-analytics company that has developing advanced adaptive irrigation services, which automatically optimizes irrigation, thereby delivering dramatic crop yield increase and water and energy cost savings to farms. CropX’s technology was developed by a team of world-leading scientists and has been validated on-farm over the past five years. In addition to their Nebraska team, the company has offices in Israel and California.


Program and company updates along with market and industry trends.

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